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The Elmo the Musical DVD is out! Check it out to see “President the Musical,” where Elmo imagines a world where he’s the President!


The Elmo the Musical DVD is out! Check it out to see “President the Musical,” where Elmo imagines a world where he’s the President!

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One Big Bird Direction


One Big Bird Direction

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Holiday Look #6: Alluvium Blues Eyeshadow Tutorial (Illamasqua Alluvium pigment and MAC Crystal shadow)

If you have close-set eyes, a winged eyeshadow look where the emphasis is on elongating the outer corners and brightening the inner corners helps to balance it out. 

In this look, I’m playing with a gorgeous blue loose powder pigment from Illamasqua called Alluvium. Unfortunately, the full dimensions aren’t visible on camera but it’s a deep indigo blue with gorgeous olive, gold, and copper flecks. (See the image of the pigment jar and you’ll know what I mean!)

This is a look that you can do whether you have double or mono lids. 

Products used:

Base/Concealer - Vichy Dermablend Fluid Foundation #25

Setting powder - Bourjois Poudre de Riz de Java

Eye primer - Benefit Stay Flawless (when working with loose pigments, it’s usually a must to have a slightly tacky base on the lids so the powders adhere properly and provide maximum intensity)

Beige base - MAC Metal-X Cream Shadow in Palladium (any soft shimmery champagne or beige will work)

Black cream - Shahnaz Husain black kajal

Deep blue shadow - Illamasqua Alluvium

Pale lilac shadow - MAC Crystal

Deep green - MAC When in Rio (this is limited edition, so try NYX Hunter Green(

Black liquid liner - HeroineMake Impact Liquid Eyeliner

Navy blue pencil - I used MAC Blooz (discontinued), but a navy blue should be pretty easy to dupe!

Mascara - Lancôme Hypnôse mascara in black

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One Day Mingling with the Engineers

Few days ago I attended a press briefing at a five-starred hotel in Jakarta. The event was held by National Instruments (software company for engineers)  and Politeknik Negeri Jakarta.
In press briefing I just asked a question to academia from PNJ about their opinion about Indonesian engineers who are working abroad and never come back to their own country to build our nation. And how do they convince their students by saying “you can be a good engineer here in your own country”

At first, I was like “did I ask the wrong question?” Because almost all of the academias seemed inconvenience with it. However, they answered that it’s also our government’s problem. Our government must provide our engineers with the advanced laboratory facilities and integrated software or hardware to enable them to work.

I was quite satisfied with their answers. I also had a good lunch time with the academias they were really kind, as my daddy is also an engineer, so they remind me of my daddy. Heheh.
Alright, forget it. One thing that made me shock that day was when I wanted to leave the hotel and back to the office. The representative from National Instruments (he’s the sales manager for ASEAN region, anyway and a Singaporean) said that “you had a very good question, just now”
Then, I asked him “really? I just asked what I wanted to ask, because as I know that’s one of my country’s problem”
“Yes, but actually that’s not just Indonesian government problem. Some countries in Asia have the same problem as your country, too.”

I was speechless, he continued “well, it also happens in the USA. Because their engineers are working in Asia right now and do not want to come back. If you need further information about today’s event, don’t hesitate to email me” he smiled at me and went to his room for packing.
Wow, what a nice conversation. I’ve gained a new knowledge. The point is, it doesn’t only happen in Indonesia, if we want the smart engineers back here, the government also has to provide their needs.

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God Is Fair, But Life Is Unfair

I still clearly remember that day. I was done with the event coverage at one mall, then I came back to the office.
That day seemed to be not my day, as everything went wrong at the night before. Can you imagine your photos taken by your camera for an event all gone because of the malware? Horrible, but that really happened to me. Moreover, my supervisor was annoying on the day after that nightmare.

When I sat down on my office chair, there was my managing editor (she’s not my supervisor, she’s a big boss and a very nice person) helped the layout designer to proof read the content of the magz.
Then, she said:
“Annisa, could you please sit down here, next to me?”
I came to her. “Ranjit quite surprised when he read your latest article last night, and since he knew your writing style, he thought that it wasn’t you. Your writing last night was not as good as the previous one you show him. However, I said to him maybe it was because of me who gave you a very tight deadline after the event. Fortunately, he understood” she said.

“According to Ranjit, you only have problem in choosing the proper words or sentence on your article. You don’t have any problem in structure, Ranjit and I think you are fine with it. But, he really concerns in Ms. A’s writing, he said that she needs a basic writing training since her writing’s structure, etc is not really good yet. While you, you don’t have to do it, just improve your grammar. I also told Ranjit that you have a straight-forward-writing-style and it’s different with Ms. A who tried to be more creative. That’s what told him when he complained that you write a short article,” she added.

By the way, Ranjit is one of the Jakarta Globe copy editor an he is also an
expatriate. Ranjit is a nice person in general. He edited one of my article but he didn’t change everything. Oh! Ms. A s my supervisor.

I wonder why this life s so unfair, I don’t mean to be an arrogant. In fact, I have more skill that my supervisor’s. However, since I am a fresh graduate, I can’t be a supervisor because I don’t have any experience at all.

In professional world, you may have various good skills, but once you’re a fresh graduate you are just beginner. Sometimes your boss or the company doesn’t treat you as a good asset. The worst thing is when your supervisor feels insecure with you. Yes, maybe you’re more potential than him/her, so he/she is afraid that you will take over his/her job someday. For me, a job position isn’t everything. I never try to take over another people’s position because I think as long as I show a good work performance, the job promotion will follow me.

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A Lunch-Break Discussion

I’ve been almost 3 months working as a reporter at Student Globe (by the Jakarta Globe). Those who do not know about Student Globe, let me tell you a little bit about it.
Student Globe is an English magazine special for future leaders/students.

Do I have to write all news in English? Yes. After I cover the event or interview certain people I have to write up the story in English. It doesn’t mean I am free of problem or expert in English writing.

When I write an article, my biggest challenge is choosing the proper words to be used on my article. Some English words can’t be translated into Bahasa, neither can some words in Bahasa. Another challenge is, I also need to improve my writing style.

One day, my Managing Editor asked me to see Ranjit, one of the Jakarta Globe’s language editor. He was really kind. He gave me a short English writing training during the lunch break. He edited my Book Piracy article without changing the whole content. He still used my writing style and he only edited the wrong grammar as well as choosing the proper words. He was very details because he corrected my grammar line by line.

I told Ranjit about my difficulties. He said “do not try to make it perfect. Everybody makes mistakes. Your writing is really fine, I understand it. I don’t know how you write your articles, but once you start writing just go on. However, each writers has their own writing style. It’s something that comes naturally, same as fashion.”

From my discussion with Ranjit, I’ve got some points that I have to improve. First is, I have to understand more about grammar, I have to read more English texts in order to gain more vocabulary so I can choose the proper words to be used on my articles and last but not least is about the context. Ranjit also told me not to use English speaking style on my writng, because it is not proper.

Well, thanks a lot Ranjit!  I’m so glad to have a little discussion with you. Guys, remember.. Go on write up your story in English naturally.

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Growing Up: Shaping Up Your Mind Set

I’m so glad to pour all my thoughts again on my tumblr. It has been long time I did not share many things, since I am very busy with my job as a reporter for ‘Student Globe by Jakarta Globe’ Magazine.

Alright, as we’re growing up, we realize that in the end, everyone has to move on. The word “move on” isn’t just for love, anyway, though I will write a little bit about love. Why I said that? Of course, as a human being it’s normal if we want to live our life to the fullest, finding the life purpose is one of the way. However, many of us do not know our life purpose.

Life purpose is what you want to achieve until the end of your life. When you get what you want for now, it doesn’t mean that your life purpose ends. Ask your heart what  you want to be or what you want to achieve. Talking about life purpose is not always related with money or a dreaming job, but we can make those unfortunate people feel happier by joining a social community and being volunteers in the social activities, etc. so your life would be meaningful.

What about love? In some cases, many young couple break up just because of bored. I read a book entitled “Glancing Through Life” by a young writer named Christie Kanter that said, love is about how you build a strong commitment with your girlfriend or boyfriend. I agree with her statement. If you rely your love to a feeling, that feeling would be gone by times and a marriage that can last forever is because of those spouses who can build a strong commitment. I haven’t found my soul mate yet, indeed. But I think it is just like an alarm for us as young adults to start thinking about it and be mature as well as wiser when maintaining a relationship.

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Friendship: The ones who really love you, will never leave you

Dear friends,
As time goes by, we realize that our togetherness doesn’t last forever. As we’ve grown up, we know that we have to choose our own way in order to pursue our dreams and that’s why we can’t stay together. However, it was such an amazing time to be with you, guys, for years. We spent our time together, we laughed, we cried, we shared and learned everything about life and friendship.

I’ve said that the real friends we’ve had were only when we’re in school. No jealousy,etc etc. We can’t repeat our past, but I wonder if someday we could have enough time to laugh together and have conversation again, remembering our funny, weird and bittersweet memories when we are busy enough with our own life. I’m gonna miss you, all! Thank you for everything. I’ve learned a lot about life, love, friendship and family from you. It’s a blessed to have friends like all of you. See you in the future.

Warm Regards,


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Sejak kecil pasti kita semua pernah bermimpi. Mimpi mau jadi astronot terus ke luar angkasa atau jadi pengusaha yang punya uang banyak. Sayapun suka sekali bermimpi, waktu kecil saya pernah mau jadi penulis hebat karena saya suka sekali menulis cerpen anak-anak, bahkan saya pernah menghabiskan satu buku tuliis hanya untuk cerpen. Bermimpi juga bukan kerjaan anak kecil aja kok. Kalian yang sudah dewasa pun masih punya banyak mimpi yang mau diwujudkan, kan?

Tapi, diantara sekian banyak mimpi-mimpi saya, yang paling saya inginkan untuk terwujud adalah keliling Eropa dan Amerika Serikat. Papa mungkin jadi orang nomor satu yang menginspirasi saya untuk bisa keluar dari negeri ini. Eits, bukan berarti saya nggak cinta tanah air, ini cuma sekedar jalan2 keliling Eropa dan AS.
Papa pernah bersekolah di Manchester saat saya balita. Sepulangnya papa dari sana, beliau banyak sekali membawa pernak-pernik khas Inggris dan nggak ketinggalan juga foto+foto selama papa melanjutkan master’s degree nya  di  Eropa.

Saya selalu suka melihat foto papa dengan latar belakang Eiffel Tower yang cantik, foto saat papa bermain ski di hamparan salju yang luas dan foto papa berdiri di depan Buckingham Palace. Itu baru sedikit dari sekian banyak foto papa selama di Eropa.
Papa bercerita kalau kita sedang berkunjung ke sebuah negara di Eropa, tidak ada salahnya utk berkeliling Eropa menggunakan kereta.

Dari pengalaman papa itulah saya jadi ingin berkeliling Eropa, terutama ke Inggris. Saya juga nggak tau kenapa saya suka banget sama negeri Ratu Elizabeth II itu. Mungkin karena saya penggemar film Harry Potter dan saya suka British Accent yang seksi. Well, saya suka membayangkan bagaimana senangnya jika saya bisa tinggal sementara waktu disana, berkunjung ke Harry Potter Studio, berfoto di depan Buckingham Palace, Bigben,  mampir ke Oxford dan Cambridge University, memberi makan burung2 liar di taman dan menyempatkan diri bertandang ke beberapa stadion klub premiere league terkenal, terutama Old Trafford. Selain itu, nggak ketinggalan untuk menikmati musim dingin dengan bermain salju menggunakan coat dipadukan dengan jeans, floral scarf, boots dan leather gloves.

Menurut saya Eropa adalah benua yang strategis, mungkin karena negaranya mini-mini jadi bisa disinggahi dengan menggunakan kereta kali ya? Hihi. Saya juga mau ke Paris, mau melihat langsung bagaimana cara masyarakat kota mode dunia tersebut berpakaian. They must be so fashionable!

Selain ke Eropa, saya juga mau ke USA. Why? Menurut saya negara yang terdiri dari 50 negara bagian ini adalah pusat dari industri hiburan dunia. 3 tempat yang sangat saya inginkan untuk dikunjungi adalah New York, California dan Massachusetts. New York, di kota ini saya mau menikmati pertunjukan teater musikal Broadway yang sangat terkenal itu. Selain itu, saya juga nggak mau melewatkan malam hanya dengan berdiam diri di kamar.

Saya mau keliling Times Square, menikmati gemerlapnya lampu-lampu di sepanjang jalan. Pastinya, selama di kota ini saya juga mau ke Liberty Statue, the Icon of the USA. Well, let’s move to California. I’m pretty sure you can guess the city id like to visit here. Yes, Los Angeles. Hingar bingar kehidupan selebriti dan sosialita USA pasti sangat kental di kota ini. Siapa tau kalau saya jalan-jalan di sepanjang Beverly Hills, Hollywood, saya bisa ketemu sama Taylor Swift atau Justin Timberlake atau selebriti lainnya.

Setelah menikmati keindahan Hollywood, saya mau berkunjung ke Boston, Massachusetts. Menurut saya, kota itu adalah kota pelajarnya USA. Karena, ada banyak kampus tenar yang berdiri megah selama bertahun-tahun. Buat kamu yang mau belajar teknik, MIT tempatnya. Di Boston juga kita bisa menemukan salah satu kampus Ivy League yang paling terkenal di dunia, Harvard University. Bayangkan aja kalau kamu bisa menginjakkan kaki disana, setidaknya hanya campus tour. Keren banget, kan?

Saya juga pernah bermimpi bisa bekerja di VOA divisi Indonesia. Bekerja sebagai jurnalis di negeri orang, rasanya pasti menyenangkan. Apalagi kalau bisa mengunjungi semua bagian negara Amerika sambil menambah wawasan. It would be great! Psst.. Siapa tau juga bisa liputan ke ajang penghargaan bergengsi kayak Academy or Grammy Awards. Hihi

Cerita di atas hanya sekedar deskripsi mimpi saya. I’m a wild dreamer, indeed. Mimpi juga bisa jadi target hidup kalau kita bener-bener berusaha meraihnya. So, what’s your biggest dream, anyway?

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